Home for the Holidays: Moving to Assisted Living Facilities Near Me Fremont NE

Assisted Living Facilities Near Me Fremont NE

Celebrating the holidays can be stressful for seniors, particularly those who live alone in their homes. Adult children struggle to juggle their time between family, profession, and assisting old parents. So, you and your family have decided for you to move to an assisted living facility.

Well, this is a good decision knowing the challenges the harsh winter can give to seniors. Moving to assisted living facilities near me Fremont NE provides a secure and warm place for your loved ones.

Transitioning a Loved One to Assisted Living Facilities Near Me

Just the thought of being separated from your elderly parent or loved one is already a mix of emotions. Leaving the home, they built can cause depression or sadness. Add to that the fear of getting out of their comfort zone, being alone, and making a new set of friends.

All these things are normal. Here are some helpful tips to get over the feeling of guilt and prepare your senior family member to transition to your chosen assisted living facility.

Make a Plan

You need to plan for a site tour with your loved one to familiarize the place and meet the staff. Another thing to include in your plan is to sort through their belongings; identify what needs to be disposed of, put in storage, and what they want to bring.

Talk to Staff in Assisted Living Facilities Near Me Fremont NE

If possible, find time to speak with the staff members to make your parent more familiar with the person they will be around once they move in. It will also make them more comfortable with the care that they will receive.


Make sure to include your parent/s in every discussion about why the move needs to be done so they do not feel ignored. Talk openly and acknowledge their feelings of fears and uncertainties and accommodate these when you can.

Sign Up for Activities

Sign them up for activities, clubs, or any groups that they are interested in to create a familiar routine in a new place. These will not only keep them busy but at the same time something to enjoy while building a new friendship.

Assisted Living Moving Checklist

While it is normal to feel overwhelmed with all the preparations, this can be better managed through careful planning.

The best way to do the big move is to make a checklist of what to do, where to find, what to bring, and more.

  • Make an appointment with your doctor or parent’s doctor. If not moving to assisted living facilities near me Fremont NE, find a new doctor
  • Get medications in order and other medical needs
  • Find a reliable moving company, find the cost, and book your move-in date
  • Prioritize items to bring. Pack and properly label things that need to be moved
  • Store expensive items like jewelry and family heirlooms in a safe place
  • Set up a new mailing address with U.S. Postal service
  • Cancel all subscriptions and utility services
  • Plan end-life details
  • Provide contact details of the facility to loved ones and save on your device family contacts


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