Staying Healthy Over The Holidays In Memory Assisted Living

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The holidays are not only good for family reunions but also a time to indulge your taste buds. The holiday season should not be an excuse to forget about being healthy. Considering the cold weather, everyone should take extra care during the season, particularly older adults who are more prone to flu and winter-related illnesses. Here are some helpful tips that you can share with your loved ones including those in memory assisted living communities.

Flu Season Facts

While it is true that you can still get the flu virus during fall and spring, the flu virus peaks during the winter season. The flu is highly contagious because one can pass on the virus one before one becomes sick.

Even before your symptoms start to manifest, you have already infected someone. Thus, it is highly important to avoid close contact, especially during the first 3 to 4 days of being ill.

Flu symptoms can happen abruptly or until the 4th day from exposure to the virus. You will not know you have already the virus until you are unable to do your routine due to the symptoms.

It is best to have that extra protection by getting an annual flu vaccine shot. However, you must do this during the last week of October as the flu vaccine takes about 2 weeks for antibodies to develop. You can still get the influenza virus within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine.

It is vital to have your flu vaccine shot every year to protect yourself. The virus mutates and this season’s virus will differ from next year’s viruses.

There are different types of flu viruses and when you are more prone to complications, this can cause severe complications. The elderly including those in memory assisted living aged at least 65 years old and with existing health conditions must take extra care during the flu season.

And because of this, different flu vaccines are available, approved, and used based on your age and health.

Smart Ways To Stay Healthy in Memory Assisted Living


Drinking enough water ensures all bodily functions are at normal levels. Keeping your body hydrated regulates body temperature. Low body fluid levels in the body can cause headaches, poor focus and concentration, and feelings of dizziness.

The elderly in memory assisted living to have low fluid levels, so remind them to drink plenty of water. During Christmas and New Year parties, choose water over colored drinks or alcohol.

Choose Healthy Alternatives

When preparing your food for the holidays, go for healthier alternatives for you do not have to worry about getting serious pounds. Swap oily food with roasted veggies or lightly dressed salad. Have fruit smoothies over juice or soda.

Stay Active

Even with all the upcoming get together and parties, stick to your workout routine. Do at least 15 minutes of morning light workout. Loved ones in memory assisted living can do seated exercises, walking, gardening, swimming, or light dancing.

Boost Immune System

Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep and proper rest. Again, do not forget to stay hydrated. Take time to relax even with all the preparations going on. And lastly, get your flu vaccine shot.


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