How to Stay Active in Senior Housing

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Physical activities are vital regardless of age. Keeping an active lifestyle as you age is more important to maintain a healthy body and mind. Whether you are in an assisted living facility, senior housing, or at home, staying active and keeping a physical routine can aid in slowing down age-related cognitive diseases at the same time fights depression.

So, when physical activity and exercise becomes a part of your daily routine, it will show significant and positive changes in your mood, mental health, and cognitive functions.

Here are ways to keep active, fit, and healthy no matter your age:

Keep doing what you love in Senior Housing

Physical activity should not be something that drains you but instead boost your serotonin. Start by thinking of your favorite things to do like gardening, dancing, walking, or hiking.

These simple activities can improve your endurance as well as your heart rate. You might want to do dancing today and gardening the next day, all to keep your circulatory system balanced.

These activities are all known to reduce fatigue and shortness of breath, which are beneficial when you are doing your regular everyday activities.

Practice balance training

Popular balance training like Yoga and Tai Chi are known to improve posture, balance, and reduce the risk of falling. But if the senior housing facility that you are in does not provide yoga or Thai Chi classes, you can always try standing with your weight on one leg and then raising the other leg to the side.

Do this basic exercise for a few seconds only as often as you like and increase the amount of time over time. Also, balance training or exercise is best if you are experiencing back pain and a great way to start if you are considering doing intense exercises.

How to get started

Before engaging in any physical activity while in a senior housing apartment, your safety is still your number one priority. As you get older, underlying health conditions may hinder you from staying active, so a doctor’s recommendation is a must.

First, you need to secure a medical clearance from your physician before doing any physical program. That way, your doctor can advise you of the best activities that are within your ability and capability.

Listen to your body. Again, exercise should not make you feel like it is a mandatory thing to do. If you are not feeling well or uncomfortable after a few sessions, you can always put your exercise activity on a temporary halt. Or you can change your routine by doing it every other day instead of every day.

Staying active can increase lifespan, reduce the risk of heart ailments, promote better bone density, and improve mood and confidence.

Remember to always receive your doctors consent. Lastly, staying active in a senior housing home or apartment should give you positive benefits, not injuries.

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