Benefits of Aromatherapy in Memory Assisted Living

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Did you know that aromatherapy can help relieve stress for both seniors and caregivers in memory assisted living?


It can be quite difficult to be a caregiver to care for an older adult. But undeniably so, it is also difficult to be the older adult with a declining body and mind.

Aromatherapy as stress management technique


It is important to consider having a stress management system that can effectively penetrate both the mind and body of people in a memory assisted living facility.


One of the simple and effective ways of doing so is through the application of aromatherapy. This is a non-drug stress management technique that utilizes the powerful positive effect of scent on the body.


This will be a lot of help for both the seniors and caregivers for the improvement health and well-being.


Different scents to use in a memory assisted living


There are different scents that can provide corresponding energies to those in memory assisted living facilities.


Such would include but not limited to the natural scents brought about by the following essential oils:


  • Lavender – The most used in aromatherapy is lavender. This oil from the lavender plant helps promote wellness and calmness. In addition, it is able to reduce anxiety, stress, and even mild pain.


  • Rosemary – One of the most popular essential oils used widely in aromatherapy is rosemary. This type of oil is able to boost the mental activity, encourage clarity and insight, and reduce the stress levels and the nervous tension.


  • Peppermint – This is most affective when applying diluted peppermint oil to the skin in a carrier oil or in a steamer for inhalation. Its expectorant properties can actually clear the passageway for the relief of congestion and encourage easy breathing.


  • Ylang-ylang – The inhalation of the scent of ylang-ylang essential oil can be an aid to the treatment of depression and high blood pressure. It also promotes memory and thinking skills.


Different forms of aromatherapy as a potential gift


If you are considering gift giving to an older adult or caregiver in a memory assisted living, then you may consider aromatherapy supplies like the following:


  • Scented lotions – Lotions are common forms of aromatherapy, and pair well with candles and incense. However, it is not advisable to consider candles as gifts because of possible fire hazards in the facility.


  • Essential oils – These will work well if you have a diffuser to go along with it. Thus, you can put the essential oils inside the diffuser, particularly if you aim to spread the scent throughout a room.


  • Bath soap, salts, and shower tablets – You can also encourage your older adult to bathe by creating a spa-like environment. You can begin by purchasing some bath soaps, salts, and shower tablets to be included in your gift.


  • Pillow spray –  Lavender, rosemary, or peppermint can be sprayed onto pillows and sheets to promote relaxation and sleep.


You have learned a few things about therapeutic scents and how they are able to promote health and well-being, and can consider yourself somewhat of an expert.

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