2020 Reflection: Things One Can Be Grateful for When Reflecting Back On 2020 in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities

The coronavirus pandemic has indeed taken its toll on the entire world, and even more so on the senior living communities. But there are still a lot of good things to be thankful for. In assisted living facilities, caretakers and staff have gone above and beyond in the service of the elderly and their families.


Senior living communities have given significant advantages to the elderly in terms of access to medical monitoring, prevention protocols, and safe socialization.


Daily activity and exercise for the elderly


Despite the widespread threat of coronavirus, many assisted living facilities are still able to provide opportunities for safe activity and exercise. In some cases, rather than allowing instructors to visit the facility, the seniors were able to utilize DVD series aimed at strengthening and stretching exercises.


This makes it a lot safer for the elderly because they need not get in contact with outsiders and those with potential encounter with the infection.


Stable housing, food, and medicine


Senior living communities are focused on the prevention of coronavirus outbreak. So, residents can rest assured that they are safe inside the facility. Assisted living spaces can provide stable housing, nutritious food, and enough medicine.


At the same time, the facilities employ daily cleaning methods to help keep residents away from potential infection. Since a high amount of infection rates can be directly related to the elderly, it is the prerogative of the management to aid sanitation all around the facility.


Although it might be a time for caution, they can still have time to have fun and safe socializing. The residents are given access to better nutrition, medical care, and supplies.


Accessible social interaction with staff and fellow residents


In the assisted living environment, the staff offer accessible social interaction with fellow residents by spending some time in daily activities.


Such would include daily brain games, happy hours, and hallway bingo. Moreover, the residents can enjoy some food and trivia in different areas of most facilities, allowing them a nice change of scenery from time to time. Residents love seeing the friendly faces of the staff and appreciate how enriching these interactions can be.


Trained medical teams to take care of their needs


The risk of covid-19 infection on seniors is quite high even with proper social distancing. That is why in assisted living environments, residents need to have immediate access to trained medical professionals.


Seniors are properly monitored daily and when they feel sick, they can be treated as quickly as possible. These professionals are educated in taking extensive steps to prevent the spread of illness to other residents.


Amid the challenges that test the bond that connects everyone, the residents can greatly benefit from the advantages that assisted living communities are able to provide.


In fact, the safety protocols have given a way for residents to stay safer and more secured than ever because senior living has been given all the support they can get.


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