Signs it Might be Time for Memory Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities

The impacts of age-related illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot be felt immediately. The signs and symptoms only progress over a period, making it difficult when to decide if memory assisted living is needed.

Denial and the guilt feeling of putting a loved one in a memory care facility add to the challenge of how to come up with long term care plans.

While it is heartbreaking to send a family member to memory assisted living, it is said to have better outcomes in their emotional, physical, and mental health.

When to send a loved one to memory assisted living?


After the diagnosis


  • Although signs will not manifest right away, it is always a good idea to consider and discuss the memory care option with the rest of the family members. As much as you want to live at home with your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, memory assisted living facilities offer a more proven approach to managing patients’ conditions.
  • In addition to that, early considerations will also give you enough time to research for reputable and licensed facilities within your area.


Unhealthy living environment and stress


  • As mental health declines, a loved one will soon forget to care for himself/herself; maintain personal hygiene, requiring family members to assist in giving a bath, clip the nails, among others.
  • Handling caregiving adds to the pressure which makes it more difficult to take care of the other house chores, pay the bills, cook, or take out the trash, making the household messy.
  • Fatigue, pressure, and messy house are deadly combinations which are signs that it may be time to put your loved one in a memory assisted living facility.


A decline in overall health


  • If signs of cognitive impairment worsen, it is high time to consider looking for a facility that meets your requirements and budget. Apart from the inability to remember date and time or getting lost while driving back home, physical signs like drastic weight loss, neglected personal hygiene, messy house, bruises, or injuries are indicators that memory care is highly needed.
  •  Memory care facilities give you peace of mind and assurance that your loved one is being cared for regularly and given all the support she/he needs.


Little to no social life at all


  • Isolation is one of the mental impacts of Alzheimer’s that can worsen the situation. Memory assisted living facilities offer a myriad of social interactions among residents.
  • Daily and creative activities help patients stay and feel connected to their community. Interaction and mental stimulation are said to provide positive effects to patients with age-related cognitive illness.


Your gut feeling


  • If you feel that is time for memory assisted living solution, then trust your instinct. It may be tough seeing your loved one go but making the right choice will benefit everyone in the family.


It will not only give you peace of mind but also helping your loved get the best care and management they deserve.

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