Is a Nursing Home the Right Place for Your Elderly Family Member?

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All baby boomers will be older than 65 years old by 2030, marking an important turning point in American history, as one in every five Americans will be of retirement age. This is according to the 2017 National Population Projections by the US Census Bureau, which also predicted that by the year 2030, there will be more older people than children for the first time in US history. With the aging population growing, the need for long-term elderly care is starting to take center stage again, and one of the questions that get asked most often is: are nursing homes the best place for your elderly relatives or family members?


The Answer is Yes and here’s why:


A Nursing Home assists Residents with Activities of Daily Living


52% of people who reach 65 years old will need long-term care throughout their lifetime and 10% of them will have Alzheimer’s disease, which makes daily activities a lot more difficult to do. Nursing homes specialize in helping residents with daily tasks including eating, bathing, dressing, drinking, taking medication and running errands.


Nursing home workers may also offer to drive their residents to the pharmacy or grocery store once they lose their driver’s license or are unable to drive anymore. A nursing home will also take care of housekeeping, which means that the elderly don’t need to worry about cleaning their residence or wash their laundry. This helps them avoid too much strain and prevent accidents from doing activities that they’re not supposed to do anymore.



Has in-house Healthcare Services


Perhaps one of the most important benefits of living in nursing homes is the accessibility of healthcare services whenever needed. Most elderly residents already have existing medical conditions and would need to be examined by a healthcare professional every now and then.


Most nursing homes have an in-house nursing care facility where residents can take advantage of assistance in administering medications, getting first aid care during accidents and immediate medical intervention during emergencies. Specialized health care services are also offered to residents with serious health conditions, so a highly trained nurse or staff can attend to their needs at all times.



A Nursing Home Provides a Safe Place for the Elderly


A lot of seniors get into accidents because their homes are not designed to cater to their needs or limitations. This is why staying in a nursing home is a more practical choice for the elderly since these facilities are designed with the safety of their residents in mind. Safety is especially important for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia where something as simple as forgetting to lock the door can already pose serious threats to them.



Finally, a nursing home is the best choice for the elderly because it gives them the chance to enjoy their best life possible by being able to live safely and peacefully, gaining access to quality care and getting the chance to build new relationships with other seniors.




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