Why Providence Place Is One of the Best Facilities for Alzheimer’s

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The Alzheimer’s Association has provided a care facility checklist that patients and their loved ones can use to identify the best facility for them or a loved one. If a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia prefers a communal living situation instead of home care, facilities for Alzheimer’s are among the best options.



What makes the Best Care Facilities for Alzheimer’s Patients?

In terms of the environment, the Alzheimer’s association specifies that this facility should be free of unpleasant odors, easy to navigate, built with a designated family visiting the area, an indoor space that promotes freedom of movement and independence, and indoor and outdoor areas that are safe, secure, and monitored.


The rooms must be clean and spacious. The facility should also allow residents to bring familiar items with them to decorate in their room.


The organization also specified what meals should be provided to residents in residential care and where they should be eaten.



What about the Design, Light, and Color?

With these aspects, Providence Place has an answer. The assisted living facility in Fremont has 16-apartment facilities for Alzheimer’s that can accommodate 20 residents.


It is important for an Alzheimer’s unit to have color, design, light, and acoustics integrated into it. Colors and patterns offer patients psychological and sensory contribution.


With this in mind, the halls of Providence Place offers a sensory experience for its residents. Doors are painted in different colors to distinguish between rooms.


Taking into account the conditions of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, the facility features Journey Stations where a collection of jewelry, historic items, and antique items are displayed for residents to examine and help recall memories.


The stations are part of their MJ Signature Program that is designed to trigger service-oriented memories, life skills, and other procedural activities.


There’s also a special sensory room for residents to relax in while watching projected images, a fiber optic rope to handle, and a large colored bubble tube.



What makes Providence Place Different?

While other facilities for Alzheimer’s integrate the same design protocols to help dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, Providence Place takes it further by making sure that the facility and its staff know how to use the concepts and protocols in the best way possible.


In a statement, MaryLynne Bolden of MJ Senior Housing LLC said that they use the concepts “in such a way that the memories which remain gracefully resurface and create a positive feeling for the resident.”


The facility also has an on-site kitchen where residents can bake cookies with their family during visits or help the on-site chef to bake bread.


The chef also prepares nutritious meals that are served in a more domestic style dining room. This meets the meal requirements specified by the Alzheimer’s association that include an appetizing presentation of food that is served in a dining environment that is pleasant.


According to Program Director Jacki Trujillo, “We want to make their environment as homelike and joyful as possible. They might not remember what you did, or how you did it, or what activity you did, but they remember how you made them feel.”




Providence Place of Fremont is proud to offer its Assisted Living Services to Fremont NE and its Surrounding areas and Cities: Inglewood, Cedar Bluffs, Ames, Leshara, Arlington, Fontanelle, Nickerson, Telbasta, and North Bend