Get To Know the New Trends in Senior Housing For 2019

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The senior housing market has consistently been on the rise, and this time, it has adopted new trends to respond to growing demands. In fact, senior housing has begun to focus on the person as an individual. There is more of a focus placed on the specific need for customized housing and care.


It is important to enhance senior support by achieving balance in terms of accessibility, location, care, and unit design. If you are looking for senior housing facilities to suit the modern needs of today’s seniors, then it pays to know more about the new senior housing trends so you will know what to look for.



Ample Spaces for Caregivers and Staff


According to Senior Housing News, the needs of the staff are being given more attention in 2019. This has been done with thoughtfully designed and ample staff spaces to demonstrate that the management really does care about its staff. Such would include the following features.


  • Sufficient storage and housekeeping spaces in particular locations where necessary
  • Comfortable relaxation and break spaces
  • Private restrooms and kitchenette
  • Ergonomically correct, private, and secure workstations
  • Windows to allow natural light and outdoor access spaces



Integrated Living and Cultural Interaction


Location for senior housing will be among the things to receive the biggest shift this year, as predicted by Senior Housing News. Thus, it will focus on the greater integrated living and cultural connections in urban areas.


This is perfect for seniors that want to stay within their same neighborhoods. Many seniors want to stay where they raised their families because it is familiar and comfortable. They would rather not move far away from the action they know and love.


Seniors can experience multigenerational and multicultural influences, aside from being close to different activities, amenities, and services. It can be beneficial to support the integration of seniors into the urban fabric of the community.



Client Centered / Personal Care


Among the many senior housing trends predicted for the current year, the industry is aiming to focus on personalized care. As forecasted, customized living arrangements for seniors would require providers to propose new solutions and strategies and to think outside of the box.


Senior housing providers have been focused on satisfying the biggest demographics of seniors. Active seniors and those in need of 24-hour care are prioritized. However, providers in 2019 will focus on the individual person, instead of the demographic. They want to try and understand the real choices and experiences of seniors and get to know their underlying desires and wants.


  • Choices of food, ingredients, and meal times
  • Choices of activities
  • Choices of living arrangement, such as an apartment, condo, and shared quarters
  • Connection and sense of belonging
  • Personal connections with staff



Inclusive and Smart Layouts


Most of the continuing care communities for retirement are also starting to offer apartment-style units that are bigger in size and are more inviting. Residential apartments are more customizable so that seniors will be more involved in selecting the perfect living space for them.



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