Addressing the Stigma around Assisted Living Communities

Facilities for Alzheimer’s in Fremont NE

To this day, there’s still a lot of stigma going around the topic of assisted living. Some families don’t really entertain the thought of moving to senior care facilities such as this because of a lot of common myths or misconceptions about it.


However, it should be known that these senior housing facilities may be one of the best decisions that you and your family can make. By breaking the stigma, it’s going to be much easier to embrace what these providers and communities can offer.


First, it’s important to know that assisted living facilities have a more holistic approach to make the residents’ lives feel worthwhile than in a hospital-like setting. Their communities even hold activities of different kinds in order to keep their minds and bodies sharp.


Knowing that these facilities are not exactly what most people think they are, how exactly do you break that stigma?



Here are some ways to help change your perspective about it:



People are often quick to generalize about many things and the idea of assisted living is one of them. Most of the time, these generalizations are easily proliferated by misconceptions and contribute to creating a stigma to it.


However, knowledge is power. While asking reliable opinions would help, these may also vary based on preferences. You and your family can do your own homework and personally learn how exactly these facilities work. It’s also helpful to contact these facilities for you to see things personally.



Be in Touch with the Staff  and some Residents

As you check the facilities yourself, it pays to get to know their staff well. Through this, you will get to have a first-hand understanding of how things go every day in the community. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to raise questions or get specific information regarding some matters.


You will also find that by getting to know the staff and the residents, you’ll see for yourself just what they may really feel about certain features or facilities. This will greatly help you and your elderly loved one erase the negative connotations surrounding it.



Learn about their Activities or Social Gatherings

Perhaps the most common stigma surrounding assisted living facilities is that their residents just sit around or lie in bed every day. While that is not the case, people should be aware that their activities and social gatherings are made to be lively and fun for their residents.


These facilities hold regular social gatherings based on their hobbies and interests. Other than that, their activities are designed to help keep their minds sharp despite their age or keep their bodies moving and active. Therefore, it most definitely won’t be dull and gray for elders or residents who choose to move into an assisted living community.




No matter what you decide for yourself or for your elderly loved ones, remember that you should go for the best possible path for them. That said, these stigmas should always be addressed in order for you to be aware of all the possibilities.



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