Common Types of Activities Offered for Seniors

Assisted Living Facilities

Leisure time is a great strategy for senior housing facilities and communities. It is one way of promoting seniors and elderly patients’ well-being and keeping their minds and bodies active despite their age. It’s an important factor in keeping a well-balanced senior care facility and make the place feel less of a facility and more like a home.


Not only that, but it also helps them with depression-related problems that senior and elderly patients often encounter. It also boosts their mental and social health while receiving senior-level care. If you are planning, or interested in knowing about, fun activities for seniors here are some ideas that you can try.




Letting seniors solve puzzles that help improve problem-solving. Logical, and critical thinking skills is a way that will help elderly patients sharpen their mind.


For example, jigsaw puzzles greatly help with problem-solving activities. What’s great about this is that there are jigsaw puzzles that are made larger than ordinary ones to cater to a senior population.


Another example is Sudoku. This logic game is popular among the general public and players don’t have to be math geniuses to solve the puzzle. Like jigsaw puzzles, there are Sudoku sets specially made for seniors. This helps them keep their logical thinking and reasoning skills sharp.




Preparing fun and interactive games is also a great way that challenges the minds of senior and elderly patients. While the well-loved board games like Scrabble, chess, and Monopoly are great choices, there are board games that are a great help with memory care.


‘Senior moments’ and ‘Reminiscing’ are great exercises for memory strength. With a huge number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, memory care is an important factor for senior and elderly patient’s overall care.


What’s great about games as a fun activity of choice is that it’s always nice to get creative. The staff can come with their own games based on the interest of their residents or patients. This way, playing games can even become more enjoyable because it matches their own flavor.



Arts and Crafts

At any age, it’s important to always promote a person’s imagination and creativity. What better way to do it that than with arts and crafts? They are great diversion activities compared to a more interactive kind of activity.


A simple painting session can help hand-to-eye coordination while keeping up confidence and self-expression. Scrapbooking, on the other hand, won’t only boost their creativity but is also a great help with their memory care.




Of course, activities that promote physical care are also important. A senior housing facility can hold their own regular or annual Senior Olympics that will not only exercise their physical well-being but also help with their socialization skills.


Swimming is one of the best activities for seniors. It’s a great and safe exercise that strengthens their core muscles and improves their body posture-something that deteriorates as we all age.


For a fun type of sport, your senior housing care facility can hold a dancing competition. If not, it’s also fun to hold dancing classes like ballroom, or for those that can handle it, even Zumba!



Keep in Mind

Before organizing a fun activity for seniors, always take into consideration any limitations to maintain safety while having pure fun with each other. Also, ask for their opinions! Maybe they have ideas in mind that you haven’t thought of yet.



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