Alzheimer’s Care and Some Options

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Not everyone suffers from Alzheimer’s in the same way. The way the condition affects someone depends on what stage the disease is at. What is certain is that the symptoms will get worse as time goes on. At that point, the person suffering will need round-the-clock Alzheimer’s care.


That said, it’s still important to provide care as soon as an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is made. Here’s a look at some of the care options:



Home Care


Someone doesn’t need to completely give up just because they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. However, certain adjustments need to be made, both in the home and in the lives of those living in the house.


Just because a person has been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean they have to be sent to a facility straight away. Home care is still an option early on, with the familiar sights and sounds being beneficial to the one suffering from the disease.


While it’s natural to be concerned for a loved one, they must be given enough freedom to go about their lives. However, certain safety precautions should be carried out:


  • removing any object that can lead to injury
  • locking areas that can be hazardous
  • keeping the home well-lit
  • locking medications in a cabinet or drawer



Professional Care Services


Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s isn’t going to be easy, and it is strongly suggested to take a break every once in a while. Yes, feelings of guilt might surface for “abandoning” a loved one but taking a break is necessary for the preservation of health and well-being.


While asking help from other family members of relatives is possible, there are facilities for Alzheimer’s that you can look into for short-term assistance. Some of the options include:


  • home health services – a nurse or companion is sent over to care for a loved one while you run an errand, attend a social function, or go to the mall to relax


  • adult day centers – facilities like these run different activities and programs aimed at getting sufferers of Alzheimer’s to socialize



Residential Care


The symptoms of Alzheimer’s gets worse in the later stages. It is at this point when providing care can feel a bit overwhelming. For some, this is the stage they decide to consider putting their loved ones into facilities for Alzheimer’s such as:


  • assisted living communities – an option that best suits a person who needs assistance with activities of daily living, but doesn’t quite need medical attention. Such communities also provide recreational activities to ensure the well-being of residents is looked after.


  • nursing homes – this is best suited for those who need skilled nursing care. A person who is put in this facility receives round-the-clock care and supervision.


  • Alzheimer’s special care units – these are specialized components of residential facilities that cater to the needs of those with memory problems.



The kind of care given to a loved one suffering Alzheimer’s depends on the stage of the disease. As such, discussions should be carried out with the loved one and other family members to determine the right kind of care needed.




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