How to Exercise Your Mental Health in Memory Assisted Living

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Mental health is a subject that a lot of people are still afraid to talk about. But with one in five American adults living with mental illness, it is time to destigmatize. As a memory assisted living facility, we take mental health very seriously.

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time when conversations about mental health and illnesses are put forward. It is a time to offer support to those suffering from mental illnesses, fight the stigma, and spread awareness. We have to work as a community for ending the judgment that prevents people from speaking up about their struggles.

Mental Health Exercises for Residents in Memory Assisted Living

Residents in memory assisted living are not excluded from mental illness. The change of moving from a home into assisted living alone can be enough to affect one’s mental health.

Before that happens, here are some important mental health exercises that you can embrace as part of your routine in memory assisted living:

Practice deep breathing.

  • Sometimes, when things get so overwhelming, all you must do is pause and take deep breaths paying attention to how your chest expands and deflates as you breathe in and out. This helps reduce stress and allows you to have better control of your mind.

Talk to your neighbors.

  • Being in memory assisted living can make you miss your family. But you don’t have to spend your days inside your room because you can always talk to other residents in the facility. Share conversations with them and eventually build friendships that will surely last for years.

Write a journal.

  • Journaling is not only a great way to document your thoughts, emotions, and ideas, but it’s also beneficial in helping you to deal with anxiety. Writing is so therapeutic and being able to keep a journal will allow you to preserve memories that you could forget due to your medical condition.

Learn how to meditate.

  • Meditation is simple and straightforward but very beneficial to both the mind and body. If you can’t release your stress through exercise, take a few minutes out of your day to spend on meditation. You can start with simple breathing exercises and move on to more techniques as you embrace meditation more.

No one should ever be made to feel that their anxiety, depression, and fears are not valid. Whether you’re at home or in memory assisted living, you have the right to talk about your emotions without judgment and find ways to live a better life despite the stresses that you feel.

Let’s learn to support mental health awareness and celebrate the beauty of the human mind this May. Check out the memory care services we offer here at Provicende by clicking here.

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