5 Simple Tips to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in a New Assisted Living Facility

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Moving to assisted living Fremont NE is a huge transition for anyone, and with this comes many challenges including sleeping difficulties that could easily lead to insomnia and stress.

If you’re one of those having a hard time adjusting to your new life in assisted living, here are five simple tips to help you get that much-needed snooze to keep yourself healthy:

1. Stick to your regular sleep schedule.

It would take at least a few days before you can truly settle in your new home in assisted living Fremont NE. To help your body get used to this new environment, it’s best to follow the same sleep schedule that you’re used to.

If you usually go to bed at 8:00 PM at home, follow that same bedtime even if you’re not sleepy yet. Also, wake up at the same time each day so you can get that sense of familiarity back.

2. Give yourself time to relax before bedtime.

No matter what your age, you’ll always need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Anything less than that and you could start feeling the consequences of lack of sleep including weakness, tiredness, and lower immune system.

You need to give your body the signal that it’s almost bedtime by slowing down at least a few hours before you hit the sack. Don’t do anything strenuous or eat foods that could increase your energy. Try to relax, read a book, drink your milk and slowly settle into your bed.

3. Don’t take your afternoon naps, at least for now.

If you’re used to taking your naps in the afternoon, try to skip them for a few days while you’re still getting used to your new living space. This will help you fall asleep faster at night and avoid insomnia. Once you’re already settled, you can get back to taking your afternoon naps.

4. Set the mood in your bedroom.

Make sure that your bedroom has the right temperature—not too hot or cold—for sleeping and it should be as quiet as possible to really promote sleep. The great thing about assisted living Fremont NE is that this facility makes sure that you have the perfect environment for living peacefully. You should also keep your lighting low as you prepare for bedtime.

5. Tackle the things that are making you stressed.

Stress is one of the biggest culprits of insomnia. While setting into your new environment may cause difficulties in sleeping, you may have other problems that are causing you to be stressed.

Some patients deal with their anxieties by writing in a journal while others choose to indulge in a hobby or activity where they can release stress and have fun.

Follow these simple steps that will not only help you get better sleep but also allow you to enjoy your new life in assisted living Fremont NE. You’ll surely be able to settle in before you know it.

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