Celebrating World Art Day in Memory Assisted Living

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World Art Day is a worldwide activity declared by the International Association of Art in celebration of fine art and to promote awareness of creative activity and is great for those in memory assisted living.

Background and Fun Facts

The first international celebration was held 9 years ago, on April 15, 2012, a date significantly chosen to honor the renowned artist and painter, Leonardo da Vinci.  3 years after that, on April 15, 2015, the United States first held its first World Art Day in Los Angeles, California.

Today, the global event still takes place every 15th of April to celebrate artistic creations, innovation, and cultural diversity.

Enjoying art and expression of creativity benefits residents in memory assisted living facilities. In the same vein, making art pieces can help seniors with cognitive and memory issues or impairments.

What better way to celebrate World Art Day in memory assisted living than by encouraging participation in art activities for socialization and brain stimulation.

Take a look at the art activities that you can organize in your facility. These are not only fitting for the World Art Day but can help slow cognitive decline, relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Organize a Virtual Museum Tour

Take advantage of the wireless technology and free virtual tours offered by some museums. With a quick google search, you can find museums offering a virtual tour page. COVID19 continues to restrict travels, and consequently, art lovers and memory assisted living residents can receive free virtual access to galleries.

Art Making

Encourage residents to grab some paper, pencils, and crayons to draw anything that interests them. The Internet is dotted with free drawing sessions open to all ages. These do not necessarily require art skills and a great way for residents that cannot verbally communicate to express themselves.

Flower Arranging

The possibilities of art making are endless. Flower arranging is a convenient and easy way to create an eye-catching display. A simple jar with blooms of the season can add color and excitement to the table. Besides, residents can use their creations to decorate their private rooms for that balance of simplicity and beauty.

Remember Your Loved Ones

You can also encourage the families to send  in drawings and photos for the resident to make a collage.

Seeing these collaged pictures can help residents remember back to familiar places, and faces.

In conclusion, art forms like visual, graphic, literature, music, and performing arts allow freedom of expression and exercise motor skills.

Besides, art is an opportunity to be productive while doing things that give them joy and a feeling of accomplishment.


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