Tips to Visiting a Loved One with Alzheimer’s disease

Facilities for Alzheimer’s

Having someone in the family with Alzheimer’s is hard. Throughout their medical condition, communication becomes more difficult, especially if they’re in assisted living. Due to memory loss and behavioral changes, it takes more patience and understanding when visiting a loved one.


Here are some of the tips to consider when visiting loved ones in facilities for Alzheimer’s.

  • Approach from the front. When visiting a loved one, do not approach from behind or it will startle someone with Alzheimer’s. They must see you face-to-face.
  • Make eye contact and reintroduce yourself. Make eye contact at their eye level and be prepared to always introduce who you are like name, relationship, or little information to help her/him remember.
  • Speak slowly and avoid arguing. Talk slowly than your normal speed. Give your loved one a chance to catch up with your words. Avoid arguing or any chance that will agitate your loved one.
  • Keep it simple. When visiting and talking to loved ones in facilities for Alzheimer’s, always speak in short sentences. Keep it simple with only one idea per sentence.
  • Do not rush the conversation. Give your loved one a chance to speak, understand the question, or absorb the information.
  • Ask one question at a time. Give them extra time to answer the question before asking another question. Let them focus on one question first then move on to the next. Flooding them with questions will frustrate them.
  • Remain calm. Keep your tone and body language positive in instances when they find it difficult to express ideas or thoughts. At all times, encourage them to continue to explain their ideas as best as they can.
  • Do not force conversation or topics. Allow them to sit in silence.
  • Allow them to express their feelings.
  • Engage and go with the flow. Participate in their made-up stories even if you think it is nonsense.
  • Reminisce the good and old times together. Talk about their favorite songs or movies. Bring a family album with you when visiting facilities for Alzheimer’s so go back to fun times and show faces that can help trigger memories.
  • Be extra patient when they keep on repeating the same question. Understand that they cannot remember if they have asked the question already.
  • Avoid topics that will upset them.
  • Always look for a place away from distraction. Avoid crowded places or loud music.
  • If possible, suggest a talking a walk or dancing to their favorite music. It does not only bring a positive vibe but can give behavioral and emotional benefits.
  • Use their name frequently when talking to them. Most of the time, people respond positively to hearing their name.
  • Always ask permission from the person before giving gentle touches. Only do it if you are permitted and if your loved one enjoys it.

It is vital to be aware of these tips before visiting loved ones in facilities for Alzheimer’s. Understanding and considering changes in their behavior will help you enjoy your time with your loved ones living in facilities for Alzheimer’s.


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