Top 5 Services Senior Housing Must Offer

Memory Assisted Living

The aging population (or Americans ages 65 and older) in the US is projected to reach 95 million by 2060. Then again, there’s no way to escape growing old.

With plenty of senior housing properties available, you know you have somewhere to go when the time comes. Not all senior housing services are created equal, however. Some may differ in price, design, accommodation options and the like.


What really matters in choosing an aged care facility is the services offered, and some of the most important are:


Level of Care

The best senior housing services should offer care that suits your needs. If you have dementia, for example, they should offer memory care. If you have mobility issues, their caregivers should assist you to move around as much as possible or travel from one place to another.


Financial Assistance

The cost of assisted living is no joke for a lot of people. This is especially true if only a small amount is covered by Medicaid or private health insurance. If you or your family has to pay out of pocket, look for a facility that:

  • It offers structured costs.
  • It offers a flat rate to all residents.
  • A pricing structure that allows you to pay for services a la carte style.
  • This way, you can avoid heavy financial burdens.


Complaints Management

Ideally, you should choose senior housing services with little to no complaints. Then again, there will always be minor problems that residents will encounter. What you should look into is how a facility quickly addressed and resolved complaints.

You should be able to voice out your concerns and have someone do something about them. It would also help to know how you can file a complaint the right way.



What activities do they offer care residents? There should be more than just board games and books to read. The best-assisted living facility should provide seniors with enriching opportunities to socialize and live their golden years the best way possible.

Some excellent activities are:

  • Gardening club
  • Therapeutic cooking
  • Musical programs
  • Guided imagery
  • Offsite excursions
  • Community outreach
  • Art therapy
  • Low-impact exercises


Facility Tours

Just like searching for a house to buy or rent, you should be able to tour the facility you consider moving into. Doing so will help you gauge its proximity from your home or your family’s residence, so visiting you and vice versa will not be a long drive.

Get a good look at the accommodation offered, the common areas, and other amenities.

Look closely at the residents to get an idea of whether they’re well-taken care of and that all their needs are met.

Visit during mealtimes or during an activity to get a feel of what the facility is like under such events.

What you see and observe will help you make a good decision.

Also, check the length of tenure of the management and frontline caregivers in senior housing property. If turnovers are high, the facility may not be good at looking after their employees, which could impact how the staff treats residents. If a majority of them are there for the longer-term, it could be a great place for employees and you.


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