National Family Reunion Month in Assisted Living

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National Family Reunion Month is celebrated in July of each year. This special occasion is when families gather together after being away for some time. When families visit loved ones in assisted living facilities, it becomes even more meaningful. These reunions help elderly family members feel included and less lonely.

Spending time together, sharing stories, and making new memories bring joy to everyone. It also shows younger family members the importance of staying connected and respecting their elders. At the same time, this special month reminds everyone that family bonds are strong and important for everyone’s happiness.

National Family Reunion Month

Everyone gets excited during July because it is National Family Reunion Month. This is when people related by blood or law come together to spend time and share experiences. Likewise, it can be a meeting for food or barbecue sessions.

Moreover, it can include board games, bonfires, or sleepovers for family members to enjoy and have fun. The moment people reunite with each other, it provides a soothing effect after being caught up in hectic lifestyles, wherein most of them rarely get to spend time with family.

The Importance of Family for Residents in Assisted Living

Family involvement in assisted living facilities is important in ensuring residents get the quality of life and well-being they deserve. There are obvious benefits to family involvement that you might already know about.

  • Providing emotional support from the family and staff of the assisted living facility
  • Monitoring care by closely assessing the cleanliness, safety, and quality of the facility
  • Advocacy from family members to ensure that the needs of elderly residents are met and respected

You can achieve effective family involvement when you keep the connection healthy with one another.

  • To have regular communication with loved ones and staff to monitor their health and condition inside the facility
  • To encourage active participation in management discussions about your loved one’s care
  • To build relationships with staff, doctors, and administrators to facilitate care, effective communication, and collaboration in an assisted living facility

Ways to Celebrate in Assisted Living

National Family Reunion Month can be celebrated where your loved one resides. For assisted living residents, you can prepare a venue or spot that best serves as your place to reunite with other family members and make intimate connections with your senior loved ones.

  • Find a place to spend your family reunion within the boundary of the assisted living facility.
  • Prepare a menu that includes meals and snacks suitable for the elderly and other family members.
  • You may also ask for professional help if you plan for a convenient place inside the facility.

Celebrating National Family Reunion Month can be quite fun and exciting for every family member, especially when you spend it with elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility. Just create a favorable environment to benefit anyone’s mental health and mood.

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