What Residents of Assisted Living Facilities Can Do to Stay Safe from COVID-19

Senior Housing

Senior adults in assisted living facilities are at more risk of getting the COVID19 infection because of weakened immunity, serious medical conditions like diabetes, heart, and lung diseases.

During the COVID19 pandemic, facilities have seen tremendous impacts by the outbreak.

But with the ongoing cases, the senior homes and assisted living communities have been successful at keeping their residents as well as their staff safe from these unfamiliar times.

Facilities have implemented updated safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents and their families and the staff.

These protocols include:

  • Assisted living communities are closely CDC guidelines like the implementation of social distancing and mask-wearing.

In addition, facilities are strongly following visitors’ restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. Visitors are screened and must adhere to visiting protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Cancel all non-essential group activities and events to lower the risk of virus spread.

Although group activities promote engagement and socialization, these should be restricted. However, if there are important gatherings you can’t cancel, there are protocols to follow. You must be a limit attendees, practice physical distancing, and exclude outside guests.

  • Practice regular cleaning and disinfecting of all high-traffic areas.

Cleaning these spaces should be done daily with concentrations on tables, chairs, countertops, railings, door handles, light and elevator buttons, remote controls, toilet handles, shared electronic devices, and equipment.

  • Encourage the use of PPEs


  • Screen essential workers


  • Watch common symptoms and follow the recommended isolation tips

COVID Cases on the Rise

Since the pandemic started, the world has only experienced a slight change in health and safety protocols.

Many variants like Omicron mildly and severely affect people from all parts of the world. Today, the Omicron variant is the country’s most dominant strain as it is more contagious.

It has only been three weeks, but Omicron is responsible for about 73% of US cases. The Omicron variant has different mutations and each manifests differently from the other variants.

Until today, WHO is still continuously working with other researchers to understand more about this COVID29 variant.

The COVID19 virus will continue to evolve if not stopped from spreading. It is necessary to follow the health guidelines to stay safe most especially the senior adults in assisted living facilities.

Tips for Staying Healthy in Assisted Living Facilities

With the uncertainties brought by the COVID19 pandemic, it should not stop senior residents from doing the necessary steps to live a full life.

  • Despite the limited socialization, staying in touch with family and friends regularly is a must to help them get through this unprecedented time.
  • Eat healthy food including fruits and vegetables, and others rich in vitamins and fiber
  • Get enough sleep or at least 8 hours/day
  • Be physically active by doing simple tasks like sweeping or dancing to your favorite tune.
  • Follow guidelines set by CDC and assisted living facilities management.


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