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With Christmas just around the corner, family gatherings are expected for the celebration. If you have loved ones in senior housing Fremont NE, most likely they have difficulty in moving and will not be able to travel and attend celebrations like they used to.

But holidays in senior housings can still be festive and meaningful. There are plenty of ways to bring the spirit of giving and thoughtfulness for senior adults to feel loved and appreciated.

Christmas Day Visit

Make time to visit a family member in senior housing on Christmas day. Invite other family members and friends who can join for lunch or an afternoon tea. Bring in family recipes that you can enjoy while reminiscing family Christmas traditions.

A quick visit on Christmas day is the best option if your family member has dementia or has challenges with mobility and transportation. Taking a senior adult with dementia to a new environment may be disorienting to her/him.

Special Date

Set a date (whichever date near Christmas) so you can take your loved one on a special day. This will not only give you time to bond but also an opportunity for a change of view, a breath of fresh air, and check Christmas displays. End the date with a lunch or dinner.

Participate in Christmas Engagements in Senior Housing

Most senior housing Fremont NE hosts holiday lunches and activities that everyone can join in. Participate with your loved ones and create wonderful memories together.

What is Winter like in Senior Housing, Fremont NE?

During the winter season Fremont, Nebraska experiences snowy and freezing weather with average daytime low temperatures are around 20°F, rarely falling below -3°F and highs around 38°F from December to February.

Prepare yourself by wearing proper winter attire: a jacket, insulated coat, thick socks, sweaters, warm boots, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Apart from preparing yourself, you also need to prepare your car for traveling. For snow, ice, and extreme cold, traveling can be a challenge. When out to visit a loved one, you must be cautious and watch icy spots.

Make sure headlights are working before heading out and stay away from plowing trucks. Check tires before traveling; look for signs of wear and tear.

Christmas Decorating Tips

Transform your loved one’s senior housing to inspire feelings of love, hope, and happiness through these easy decorating tips.

The Internet is flooded with Christmas decors and essentials that you can choose from. There is always something for everyone that fits the budget. But if you have the creative skills, going DIY is a practical way to make senior housing Fremont NE merry and bright.

Here are some easy and affordable decorations you can add to a loved one’s space:

  • Potted poinsettia
  • Silver tray with silver ornaments
  • Snow globes
  • Glass bowl with faux snow and twigs
  • A shallow basket filled with fruits, ornaments, or vegetables
  • Use Christmas-colored linens for a bedroom transformation
  • Put up a mini-Christmas tree

Budget-Friendly Gift Guides

Christmas is the season of giving. Show how much you care by giving these useful and practical holiday gifts your loved ones will appreciate.

Remember, that thoughtfulness is not measured by how expensive a gift is. The best gifts are those that can be used in our daily lives.

Check the list below:

  • Tumbler
  • Silk pillowcases
  • Pair of socks
  • Magazine or movie subscription
  • Cold brew coffee maker
  • Microfiber hair turban
  • Bennie
  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Burned CDs with a compilation of his/her favorite songs

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