How You Can Celebrate National Environment Day in Assisted Living Facilities

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National Environment Day should be one of the most important days to celebrate every year. In assisted living facilities, many actions can be done to recognize the day.

This day brings back the awareness of how much we need to take care of the planet. Over 1 billion people mobilize annually to disseminate information and take action against climate change.

With the importance of environmental causes, it should be celebrated by everyone in the community including those who live in assisted living facilities.

Here are some National Environment Day activities that residents can enjoy:


Organize a bird-watching activity

  • If you are in a place with lots of birds you can organize a bird-watching activity. You also arrange for a trip to a nearby park. This way residents can enjoy new scenery while listening to birds.


Create a small garden

  • Most seniors love gardening, which makes it a perfect activity. In fact, a lot of assisted living facilities now have small gardens where residents enjoy growing vegetables.

This activity not only gives back to the environment but helps stimulate the brain and boost serotonin.


Practice composting

  • A lot of assisted living facilities are now practicing composting that allows them to recycle food and yard waste. To improve efficiency, organize an activity that allows you to teach residents how to properly dispose of their waste items.


Plan a cleanup

  • Many in assisted living facilities are still able to help with cleaning. It also doubles as a great activity to keep them active

On National Environment Day, you can plan a cleanup drive. Let residents help out so they can really feel a sense of pride in the community.


Create crafts out of recycled materials

  • Doing arts and crafts is one of the best activities for seniors living in assisted living facilities. It allows them to be creative and helps with maintaining their memory.

 You can plan out an activity that involves creating arts and crafts from recycled materials around your facility. Your senior residents will surely love creating new things using materials that they can find in their rooms.

In conclusion, National Environment Day commemorates the modern environmental movement. Most importantly, it reminds us that we can all take part in environmental action.


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